The Vax Church Turns As White As A Ghost After Pfizer Board Member Admits An Inconvenient Truth

Former FDA Commissioner and now Pfizer Board member Dr. Scott Gottlieb has admitted an inconvenient truth and it has the vax church quietly in a panic.

During a segment on CBS “Face The Nation” host Margaret Brennan asked, “So, you know, we looked at the data and more than one in four adults is not fully vaccinated. Only one in four adults has received a booster. Can we blame the unvaccinated for the spread? Is something else driving this?”

“Well, the unvaccinated is certainly the individuals who are showing up in the healthcare system requiring advanced care, there probably is a reasonable amount of spread even among the vaccinated individuals at this point, particularly people who only have two doses of vaccine probably are getting subclinical or mild infections and are contributing to the spread as well,” Gottlieb answered.

Wait so vaccinated people spread COVID?

Remember, when the media was spouting Biden propaganda that this was a pandemic of the unvaccinated? Dr Peter McCollough blows the doors off that nonsense, during an appearance on the Joe Rogan podcast. McCollough cites studies showing 23% of vaccinated Americans were in the hospital with COVID-19.

Meanwhile in Germany Santa got arrested because he wasn’t wearing a mask.

In South Africa, the president who is fully vaccinated is being treated for COVID-19.

Reality is smacking the vax church right in the face and they aren’t taking it well.