Liberals Call New Immigration Plan A Form Of White Nationalism?

Liberals Outraged Over An Immigration Bill That Gives Out Amnesty To Nearly 2 Million Illegal Immigrants?

Liberals are a weird breed just when you think you have a handle on what they are thinking they go farther into left field. The new White House proposed Immigration Bill seems to be more catered to the Left than would be expected. It has amnesty for about 2 million illegal immigrants and this has Liberals are up in arms …Amnesty?

“According to the ACLU: The only community that benefits from this supposed generosity are white supremacists”

The United We Dream, that’s one of the largest Pro-Amnesty Groups: “Let’s call this proposal for it is: a white supremacist ransom note.”

And Of course, Nancy Pelosi had to weigh in.

“And the senior Democrat in the House of Representatives said this: “Last night the president put forth a plan. That plan is a campaign to Make America White Again.” “They are changing the character of our country by what they are putting forth. They bring a tear to the eye of the statue of Liberty and they bring fear to the hearts of people are here playing by the rules.”

These people are up in arms yet Obama did nothing close to this level of Amnesty and he was practically their Golden bull idol.

Tucker Carlson pokes holes in their White Nationalist theory with ease, he asks the question: “How many of those beneficiaries are white?”

Right there the argument could be done because the answer is not half, nor a quarter, nor any significant number. As the people that are getting Amnesty are not from predominately white countries. Tucker lists them off Mexico, China, Vietnam, India, The Dominican Republic, Bangladesh, Philippines, and Haiti.

Seems like a diverse mix of people and by no means racist.

Watch Tucker Carlson Cover The New Immigration Plan.

Carlson seems to be right on the money with his statement “Democrats are extremists.” Especially after this Plan that should have Democrats eating out of Trump’s hand or jumping at the chance to pass this. It looks like Trump tried to reach out an olive branch with this plan and the Democrats have, in turn, threw it on the ground, and stomped on it.