One College Kid Stands Up To the SPLC.

Labels Given By The Alt-Left To Trump Supporters Are Destroying Lives.

We’ve all witnessed it, the so-called ‘peaceful Liberals” labeling anyone who supports Trump things like; bigots, Nazis, and racist and it’s gone too far. By stereotyping conservatives the left has caused some to lose their job or be denied opportunities because of their private beliefs. One college kid has spoken out and is standing up against the SPLC and their hateful stereotypes.

Hannah Scherlach, to her own surprise, landed herself on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s (SPLC) LGBTQ hate-list for speaking in a segment about socialism on the Family Research Council radio show. Because the radio show is associated with conservative views and family values, Hannah’s name ended up on the LGBTQ hate list.

Hannah she has never spoken against the LBGQ community and making their list was a horrible shock. Afterall the segment was about socialism, right? Recent verbal and physical attacks have clearly outlined their non-peaceful agenda.

As seen in one of our previous post regarding the video below. *Warning Strong Language.


As Reported by Hannah Scherlache In An Article With Fox News.

While I am lucky to have a current employer that is understanding of this injustice, many others are not willing to give the benefit of a doubt. I will now have to explain to every future employer why my name is on a hate list. If there’s one thing I gained from this, it’s a newfound respect for conservative students who face this type of mistreatment every day on campus.

Groups like the SPLC threaten our constitutional rights and the very fabric that makes this nation great. We need to start pushing back. If this trend of bullying and ostracizing anyone with a different opinion continues, we can only expect a chilling, mob-rule effect and the suppression of speech and ideas in this country.

I am calling on SPLC to remove me from this list and stop engaging in the game of identity fear politics. I urge all Americans who have been bullied, silenced, and pushed into a corner by radical groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center to push back too.