Devils In The Details: Dems Shook After Seeing Results of 2024 Report

Normally, when presidential polls come out they are used by the left to drive momentum for their candidates but not this time. Democrats are shaking after seeing the results of a 2024 poll and looking at the metadata in President Joe Biden’s latest approval ratings.

One would think that after four years of fake news, numerous bogus investigations, and a “fake” 1/6 commission Democrats would see Biden polling decently against former President Donald Trump. That is not the case, a recent report found that Trump is polling far ahead of Biden and Kamala Harris if they were to go head to head in the 2024 presidential election.

The report was conducted by the Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll and it floored Democrats.

From The Hill:

If the 2024 presidential election were held right now, the poll finds Trump getting 47 percent support compared to 41 percent for Biden. Twelve percent of voters are undecided.

Even if Trump and Biden choose not to run in 2024, Democrats may face some challenges. The Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll survey found Harris leading Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, a current favorite for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination, by a scant 2-point margin.

Metadata from Joe’s recent approval numbers are bad and getting worse. It shows that since July 2021 Biden is losing support in every demographic.

The Democrats are in big trouble, below is an excerpt from a CNN piece published on March 31, 2022:

That finding is echoed in a Kaiser Family Foundation survey released Thursday morning. More than half of those polled — 55% of Americans — said that the biggest issue facing the country was inflation and rising prices. Just 18% named the Russian invasion of Ukraine as the biggest problem in the country.
So, the economy is front and center. And Biden’s approval on the economy is, well, dismal.
Just 1 in 3 Americans (34%) approved of how Biden was handling the economy in the Quinnipiac poll, with 58% disapproving. (That same poll had Biden roughly even — 44% approve, 45% disapprove — in terms of how he is handling the conflict in Ukraine.)
The math is simple then. Americans care far more about inflationary costs in their own lives than they do about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. And on that issue, they don’t think Biden is doing a very good job.
“It’s the economy STUPID!”
Folks, you know it’s bad when CNN is publishing stuff like this.