This is What Real Collusion Looks Like- Where Is The Outrage?

In a sit-down interview with the award-winning journalist, Cladia Rosett, DailyCaller brings some real clarity to a well-clouded topic- Collusion. While the liberal media tosses around Trump-Russian collusion propaganda, daily, there has been absolutely zero evidence Trump colluded with ANY foreign nation. If You want to see real Russian Collusion, however, you need to look no farther than the Obama administration, Rosetta says.  Take a look at what else she exposes.

As Reported By Ginni Thomas with Daily Caller.

Claudia Rosett, an award-winning journalist who worked for the Wall Street Journal for 17 years and known for her groundbreaking reporting on UN corruption, picks through the nuances of despots and dictators around the world.

Rosett sat down with The Daily Caller News Foundation and said the message from the 2016 election had nothing to do with Russia, but everything to do with shrinking paychecks, vanishing jobs and over-regulation.

The Democrats’ rhetoric about Trump’s supposed Russian collusion does not match the degree of enthusiasm and flexibility that former President Barack Obama actually displayed to Russia for his entire two terms, Rosett says in this video interview.

 She cites: when Obama was caught on a hot mic promising flexibility to Vladimir Putin, shelving missile defense for Europe in a phony “reset” with our dangerous adversary, inadequate pursuit of Edward Snowden who is still hiding in Russia, the imaginary “red line” with Syria that opened the door to Russia being emboldened in the Middle East, the Iran deal that advantaged Russia and their allies on the world scene and the weak response of the U.S. when Russia annexed Crimea, which belonged to Ukraine.

As for the unusual degree of the unmasking of political adversaries caught in foreign intelligence intercepts in the final year of Obama’s tenure by someone like the former ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power, Rosett is suspicious and poking around.

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