Obama Couldn’t Allow This Opportunity To Pass, Heartless

Only Days After the Sutherland Springs Tragedy and Obama Couldn’t Help Himself.

The Former President has called his Liberal brethren to action with a tweet. The tweet was a follow-up to a heartfelt condolence but the theme quickly changed and Obama tried to capitalize on the tragedy. He pushed his political agenda over the feelings of the small tight-knit town. Obama masquerading his original intentions followed up his condolences with anti-gun rhetoric. He dolled up the rhetoric by almost making it sound like a prayer of sorts:

He might as well have just point blank said people died because of guns and so we need to get rid of guns. I know the incident happened on the 5th but its still a little soon. Why does every Liberal seem to think that taking away our right to bear arms is the solution to stop all incidents? Criminals break Laws, are they saying that criminals would follow gun laws as an exception to their norm. It also brings about ridiculous guns kill people ideologies as if people are somehow forced to kill when they own or are in possession of a gun.

Sadly Liberal politicians are doing their best to slowly take away our right to bear arms piece by piece. Just last month Massachusetts a true blue state passed legislation to get rid of Bump Stocks because of the Vegas shooter.

“The new law defines a bump stock as any device for a weapon that increases the rate of fire achievable with such weapon by using energy from the recoil of the weapon to generate a reciprocating action that facilitates repeated activation of the trigger.”

Massachusetts has also set a high penalty for possession of a bump stock ranging from probation to life in prison, but that’s how the government gets you. As I have said before we will not lose our rights overnight, no that would be too obvious. It will be slow and steady, allowing for people to adjust to bans and removals until there are no longer gun control restriction but full-on bans.