What You Need To Know About The Ex-Spy Christopher Steele And The Trump Dossier.

No Matter What Christopher Steele May Have Done During His Years As A Spy, He Will Forever Be Known As The Author Of The Bogus Trump-Dossier, But Who Is He?

Christopher Steele has kicked up a storm of controversy as the Author of the false Trump-Russian Collusion Dossier but how reliable is he as a source for anything? Has he ever been compromised? While those are just a few questions we want answers to, Jennifer Earl with Fox News has dug deep into both the ex-spy and the Dossier. You may want to take a look at this.

As Reported By Jennifer Earl with Fox News:

Christopher Steele served as an intelligence officer with MI6, Britain’s equivalent to the CIA, for more than two decades. He joined as soon as he graduated from the University of Cambridge.

He had a variety of roles within M16. He worked as a field agent and the head of M16’s Russia desk in Moscow in the early ’90s, spent four years in Paris and transitioned to “adviser to the British Special Forces on capture-or-kill ops in Afghanistan,” Variety reported.

After his retirement from M16 in 2009, Steele co-founded Orbis Business Intelligence, a London-based corporate intelligence consultancy, with other retired colleagues.

“The team…draws on extensive experience at boardroom level in government, multilateral diplomacy and international business to develop bespoke solutions for clients,” according to a description on the company’s website.

Steele may have had an extensive career, but these days, the former spy is best known for compiling a dossier on Trump for private Washington research firm, Fusion GPS.

What is his connection to Fusion GPS?

Fusion GPS was hired in 2015 by an anti-Trump Republican donor to research then-presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

But as Trump continued to climb the political ladder, winning the Republican nomination, the donor told the firm…

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