Don’t Be Fooled, The Recent News About SOTU, DACA, And The FBI Are All Related?

Could the Recent News About The FBI, DACA, And SOTU Be Completely correlated? What a Terrifying concept.

It has been a head-spinning year with no shortage of jaw-dropping ‘leaks’ and headshaking discoveries. One Author With American Thinker says that SOT, DACA and The FBI are all ‘pieces of the same puzzle’. If that is true this deserves our full attention.

As Written By Steve Feinstein with American Thinking:

There are three issues swirling around in the news lately that may appear to be unrelated: the recently-delivered State of the Union (SOTU) address, the ongoing controversy over DACA immigrants, and the about-to-be-released FBI memo regarding the basis of the FISA warrants in the Russia collusion investigation. But they are not unrelated. Quite the contrary: they are all incredibly important pieces of the same puzzle. Let’s look at them individually and then put the pieces together into one big picture.

Piece 1 — The State of the Union Address

President Trump, by all accounts, delivered a very direct, surprisingly inclusive, clearly America-first State of the Union address last week. Polls indicate Republican and Independent approval of the speech in the 75-80% range and even Democratic voters gave him a mid-40% approval rating. On issue after issue, he pointed to clear evidence of the success of his policies and approaches, coupled with a clear vision for moving the country forward.

His harshest critics, the ones who will never concede to him even the smallest smidgeon of credit, the ones to whom he is an “embarrassment,” an “aberration,” had their minds made up about his SOTU speech before he uttered even a single word. Their take on his dynamic, inspiring performance was — sadly, predictably — “Well, he did a pretty good job of reading a speech that someone else wrote, but in my mind, he doesn’t deserve credit for that.”

As if every president doesn’t “read a speech that someone else wrote.” The president may or may not actually write a majority (or any!) of the speech itself, but regardless, the speech is directly, accurately reflective of the president’s policies, plans, and future strategies. The president edits, shapes, tweaks, and ultimately approves the speech. The SOTU speech is the president’s speech, regardless of the actual authorship.

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