MSNBC Host Bashes Americans

Left Biased MSNBC Host Claims Rural Americans Are “Core Threat” To Democracy.

Anti-Patriot Media Host Joy Reid shamelessly claims that American Farmers, the people that tirelessly work to feed America and the Rural Americans that live around them are now somehow a threat to our Country. The nerve of some people. Reid claims that the rural states which in most cases encompass vastly larger areas should get less representation and Liberal leaning areas should get more power in the voting process.

She tweeted the following:

Joy Reid based her biased opinion on a long twitter thread by Jared Yates Sexton. Sexton is, of course, an anti-Trump leftist who believes Bannon and Trump have made it ok to be racist. He also believes that Trump has made a “safe space” for the racists to act out publically. Joy Reid is clear in her message when she writes rural minority she means Trump supporter. In her eyes Trump supporters are racists. I can’t see why anyone would hold her with any credibility when half of the population disagrees with her.

Watch As she claims that all republicans are angry and lack decency.

As Reported By Brian Flood, Fox News

“They only care about our laws and customs when they help them. They do not believe in the Constitution or any founding principles unless they’re advantageous,” he wrote. “They’ve always been here. They’ve been slaveholders. They’ve been confederates. They’ve been our neighbors. They’ve been our family.”

He continued: “Republicans fostered them as a means to push their policies and leveraged their worst instincts. Now, they’ve lost hold of the leash and have been taken over from the inside.”

Sexton said Trump “didn’t create” the issue but “is the total personification of this worldview.”

The liberal author added, “there’s literally no telling what they’ll stand by” and noted that “there are Americans who hold Adolf Hitler in high regard” because he had “good” ideas.

“If people like Trump continue to push them further, there’s literally no telling what they’ll allow or what they’ll support. This is how a democracy backslides into a fascist state,” Sexton wrote.

Erickson wrote, “To have a national ‘news’ host call rural America a ‘core threat’ to our democracy is both striking arrogance and striking ignorance.”