Michelle Malkin Calls Out Nancy Pelosi For Her Part In Kate Steinle’s Murder.

Conservative pundit, Michelle Malkin, calls out weak liberals for their contributions in the murder of Kate Steinle’s. Michelle dug her teeth into Nancy Pelosi in particular and man was it brutal.

“There has been so little if any, accountability for people in the federal, state, and local government who have blood on their hands,” Michelle explains. She’s not wrong! Pelosi’s, and others like her,  dangerously loose immigration standards directly led to that young woman’s death. Someone should be held accountable!

“Kate Steinle and her family never wanted or wished for the publicity that they’ve gotten, the pain that they’ve suffered, and the fact that they have no choice but to be front and center in the headlines as they suffer as a result of this verdict,” said Malkin.

“This really is, I think, a damning indictment of so-called San Francisco values. Where is Nancy Pelosi tonight? Where has she been for the last 25 years? This is her city, and it is her open borders policies that have haunted so many innocent people and innocent lives in San Francisco,” said Malkin.



She Continues…

“And it is the conversion of America into a sanctuary nation instead of a sovereign nation that has endangered us – and it is one of the primary reasons that President Trump was elected in the first place,” explained Malkin.

“Because people made a choice after seeing this fork in the road, after seeing both political parties, Sean, both Republicans, and their big business donors, and Democrats, and their identity politics grievance-mongers who don’t care about the rule of law in this country, and the collusion between those two things that have created sanctuary policies and a sanctuary nation that still exists to this day. When will this city and county sheriff in San Francisco, and that mayor, and that governor ever be held accountable for the deaths as a result of bloody open borders?” said Malkin.