Community Stands Behind Police In Massachusetts

Community Stands Behind Police Against Offensive Coffee Shop.

The White Rose a coffee shop in Lynn, Massachusetts foolishly posted that they would never host an event for police. Although it was not the owner who posted it, the poster said she was speaking on the behalf of the shop, she went on a rant expressing her views and making it clear she was not a friend of police nor cared for their business.

Sophie CK the daughter and manager of The White Rose refused to host a “Coffee with a Cop” event that is intended to bring the community together. The event would allow for citizens to express their appreciation as well as concerns, that they may have, and open a dialogue.

Sophie not only denied the request but went a step further calling the police murderer and killers.


Her tirade continued “I will not be a part of the false rhetoric that cops are just misunderstood, good guys. They uphold an unjust system and murder without consequence.”


She stated the employees that work here are “all crazy cop haters” and could not contain her need to express more of her cop hating sentiment. Cops are “at best people collecting wealth and legal slaves for the state and at worst, killers.”

Sophie went on to say that she would rather have a “meet an ex-con” or “meet the impoverished minority community” opposed to cops, that she claims want power over those they feel are inferior to them.

The White Rose has been open for over a year and the daughter has spread her Liberal views throughout the shop, even changing the name of menu items to reflect those views. She changed “The Pilgrim Sandwich” to “The Morning After Sandwich.” Instead of Columbus Day, The shop celebrated Indigenous People’s Day.

After a night of Police Bashing, for some reason, the Public was not in agreeance with the irrational, Police-bashing super left Sophie. The public felt a need to stand up for their communities protectors, by boycotting the coffee shop and voicing how they felt about the snowflake manager.

The actual restaurant owner did everything she could to remedy the business killing posts, as news spread of the shop’s anti-police sentiment. She tried to apologize sending a letter to the Lynn Police expressing how much the coffeeshop appreciates the police of that town, and that the hateful manager who suddenly didn’t speak for The White Rose anymore had been terminated for her posts.

It was too late the damage had been done, and the public backed the men in blue by finding a new coffee shop, allowing the super left White Rose to Wilt and Die.