Former Clinton Adviser Loses His Cool And Storms Out After This Simple Question.

Former Clinton advisor, Simon Rosenberg, loses it under the pressure to give a straightforward answer. Just before the end of the show Simon pulls out his earpiece and announces that he will never come back.

Simon got really flustered in an interview with host Melissa Francis over being asked what it would take to reach a bipartisan agreement over tax cuts. In the video (Below) you can see Melissa really stress for clear-cut answers about how to get the Democratic party to at least ‘have a seat’ at the table in the discussion of tax cuts. The former adviser was unable to do anything but repeat the same old talking points all liberals use.

Simon’s response made it clear that the Democrats have no intentions of meeting Republicans halfway or even contributing to the discussion. The former Clinton crony hid behind the middle class basically stating that stimulating the economy doesn’t help them. When in fact Trump’s tax cut plan will benefit the middle class greatly in the long term. Well, at least he gave us something entertaining to watch?


As reported by Carlos Garcia with TheBlaze.

Simon Rosenberg objected to host Melissa Francis framing her question to ask what Democrats could change in the Trump tax plan to make it more palatable to them.

“I don’t think that’s the issue, Melissa,” he said before being interrupted immediately by Francis. “We’re not gonna do talking points!” she exclaimed.

“It’s not talking points,” he responded, “I actually understand what they’re proposing and I don’t think Democrats are going to support a bill that dramatically cuts taxes for very wealthy people, drives up the deficit…”

“Well you’re doing talking points,” Francis interrupted again.

“No I’m not doing talking points,” she said, “it’s insulting that you say that to me as if I don’t actually understand what I’m saying and can do my own analysis about the economy.”

“But you’re not answering the question,” she protested.