Media Created Fake Super Bowl ‘Controversy’ Collapses After Conservative Refuse To Take The Bait

The media tried to generate a controversy after the Super Bowl halftime however conservative refused to play along. 

According to multiple media outlets, “much was made” of Eminem taking a knee during the performance. Shortly, after the show CNN’s Brian Stelter immediately pushed the controversy which was followed by the rest of the media almost as if it was all planned. 

There was just one problem, nobody cared except the media and most conservatives haven’t watched an NFL game since 2019. 

First off, if you did watch the performance Eminem’s stunt was barely noticeable and appeared to be a dance move (not a virtue signal) to transition to the next performance. 

The only people talking about the “controversy” were left-wing bots and trolls claiming that conservatives were freaking out that Eminem taking a knee. The few conservatives that commented on the virtue-signaling stunt mocked it instead of complaining.

Liberal media types claimed that the “right-wing” cancel culture was coming for Eminem but it never happened because conservatives refused to take the bait on another media-generated controversy. The entire story was dead in less than twenty-four hours. 

Ratings for the 2022 Super Bowl weren’t anything to brag about either signaling that a large part of the country isn’t watching the NFL anymore. 

From CNBC: 

The game aired on NBC, Telemundo and the streaming service Peacock and attracted an average of 112.3 million total viewers. That’s up 15.9 million from Super Bowl 2021′s dismal showing, which was the worst audience score since 2007.

You can see it in their reporting but the media hasn’t consciously picked up that Americans are no longer listening to them and aren’t falling for their decisive tactics. 

The media tried to use the stunt to further divide the country but conservatives didn’t take the bait, they canceled the NFL a long time ago and refuse to fall for the media’s tricks.