ISIS Member Makes Death Threats To Fundraising Youths

Teen Cadets Recieve Death Threat From ISIS Member.

Fundraisers are work. From boy scouts with their popcorn and girls scouts with their cookies, it seems everyone is raising money for their organization. A group of teen cadets, in the UK, were doing just that trying to raise some money for their organization when they were confronted by Rabbnawaz Ali.

The teens were cadets for the Royal British Legion, and they were selling poppies in efforts to raise money. Unfortunately, during their efforts, they came across Ali, who was apparently not a fan.

“Ali approached the group and said:Where are you off next lads, Iraq?

He added: ‘Better be careful because me and my Isis brothers will kill you all. Your day will come.”

An Adult leader overheard the statement and told Ali he would call the police to which Ali responded:

“Your time will come. We are going to bomb your compound.”

Ali was arrested and sentenced to 19 months in jail he was also diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenic so he may end spending those 19 months in a mental institution instead.

Royal British Legion is a volunteer organization that raises money for veterans.

The incident is an alarming reminder of a trend that is taking place throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. Areas that were once the pride of Western culture are being overtaken by immigrants and hard-line Muslims who do not see other people as neighbors, but as infidels.

The term “Islamophobia” is tossed around like it’s the worst offense imaginable, but take a step back. Why wouldn’t these teenage cadets — or the rest of the Western world — be wary of the growing tide of radical Islam?

This incident was not the incoherent ramblings of a crazed man, it was focused anger and hatred inspired by a radical religion that sees the entire world as a battleground. It’s time to take this threat seriously.”