Look At This Ridiculous Cartoon Politico Put Out About The NRA

Politico Slanders The NRA In This Cartoon.

Politico tweeted the defaming picture below on Friday.

The Picture implies that somehow the NRA is responsible for more deaths than ISIS and Al Qaida. The preposterous cartoon could not be further from the truth but that’s what you get from a Liberal Biased News Source. Always out to slight anyone or anything that might use common sense in the name of the people.

What’s really odd is the timing so close to the recent Church Massacre where an NRA trainer was able to use his properly obtained AR-15 to thwart the mass murderer.

At least some people on Twitter Responded to this correctly:


The Liberal Bias has become so bad that people like the recent hero of the Sutherland Springs, Stephen Willeford had to obtain a lawyer to determine who he would interview with because he was concerned about their slanderous ways. He knew that he very easily could have been demonized even after saving the area from additional tragedies.

His lawyer wasn’t worried about NRA TV “he was worried about everyone else and the media.” Stephen was concerned the media would “Try and portray me as some redneck bubba that you know.”

Watch The NRA Interview Had With Stephen Willeford Below.

It’s unfortunate that they could be so wrong as the NRA seeks to properly train people in the safe and proper handling of guns. The NRA also seeks to help Americans maintain their right to bear arms which is needed in this country that is constantly on the brink of losing their rights. Especially with the super left media and crooked Anti-gun politicians who are always doing their best to try and take guns away from the American People. All in the name of ‘public safety’ and the fictional belief that criminals would suddenly stop using guns after the public is disarmed.