MSNBC’s Chris Hayes: Democrats Over Due For A Reckoning.

MSNBC host, Chris Hayes, surprised us all with his latest tweets. Hayes really went out on a limb, against his own Clinton loving party, by calling out Bill Clinton’s many sexual assault accusations. Though, Chris calls what conservatives have been saying about dirty old Bill as “gross and cynical” he at least acknowledges the coverup.

It’s pretty refreshing to see someone from the left at least question allegations against the Clintons. In regards to Bill, most liberals will blow it off as being a ‘long time ago’ while simultaneously damning the disgusting director, Weinstein, and others.



As reported by John Sexton with Hot Air.

With politicians saying they’d vote for Roy Moore even if he made moves on a 14-year-old, I’m willing to grant that some of the “What about Bill Clinton?” cries coming from the right may be cynical and hypocritical. But it’s not fair to tar everyone who raises Clinton’s name in these conversations as doing so from a cynical motive.

In fact, you could just as easily turn this around and say it’s actually the left or that portion of the left that ran interference for Clinton and is still doing so, that is “gross and cynical and hypocritical.” What’s rare on the left is what Hayes is doing here, introducing Clinton’s name into this national discussion and admitting it ought to be reckoned with instead of downplaying and pretending it’s old news.

There are a lot of us who lived through the Clinton era, myself included, who clearly remember the vicious attacks on his accusers (liars and trailer trash). We also remember the general mood of the national media which quickly shifted from taking the accusations seriously into “everyone lies about sex” mode. Bill lied to all our faces and many on the left applauded him for him.

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Chris Hayes: Bill Clinton And His Supporters Are Overdue For A Reckoning