Limbaugh Destroys Billy Kristol’s “Conservatism’s Is Dead’ Remarks.

Billy Kristol, a popular anti-Trump Blowhard, claims Conservatism has lost it’s steam and Limbaugh Fires Back.

Billy Kristol cites President Trump as being the ‘nail in the conservative coffin’, claiming that the conservative movement is dead but his words couldn’t be further from the truth. Kristol, a known anti-Trumper, isn’t what I would consider a reputable source but his piece in National Review has stirred up some buzz from the thirsty liberals. David Limbaugh takes on Kristol’s claim and his smooth level-headed view brings some much-needed sensibility to the turmoil.

As Written By DAVID LIMBAUGH with The Daily Wire:

I happened onto a piece by Bill Kristol in The Weekly Standard, wherein he links to “a short, powerful piece in National Review” by Rick Brookhiser, who “concludes that ‘the conservative movement is no more. Its destroyers are Donald Trump and his admirers.'”

I somewhat get the sentiment — or at least I used to — because during the GOP primaries, I fleetingly entertained a similar concern that Trump, whom I didn’t consider a conservative, might undermine the conservative movement in the long run if elected.

Presumably trying to console Brookhiser, Kristol writes: “Movements grow old. They eventually die. Bill Buckley founded the American conservative movement in 1955. Can a political movement reasonably be expected to thrive and retain its vigor for more than 60 years? … Trump is the proximate, the efficient, cause of the collapse of the conservative movement. The principles of sound conservatism compel us to criticize him, to rebut him, to resist him, and to plan to overcome him. But, perhaps it is the ‘silent artillery of time’ that has done the damage which Trump was able to take advantage of. And that suggests our task, the task of the descendants of the founders of American conservatism goes beyond that: It is to rebuild, or to build other pillars that will uphold the temple of American liberty in the 21st century. Brookhiser suggests at the end of his piece, ‘It will take a lot of arguing to rebuild a conservative movement that one can contemplate without scorn.’ True. And it will take a lot of work to create a new birth of conservatism — if it even is still called conservatism — that will support American freedom and greatness.”

The first thing that pops out at me is Kristol’s apparent ambivalence. If all movements inevitably die after a while, then why blame Trump, who just apparently accelerated conservatism’s downfall…

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