Whoa: So This Is Who’s Behind The “Parkland Students’ Anti-Gun Movement”? [Video]

The People Behind The ‘Student Anti-Gun Movement’ Have Been Ousted, It’s bad.

Anyone who has watched the news or has been on social media over the past few weeks has seen them. Students who seem perfectly choreographed giving well-scripted speeches, acting beyond the ‘average’ teenager’s mannerisms. We have been lucky enough to have reported about the few students who called out mainstream media for trying to script their questions but apparently, it goes bigger than CNN pushing agendas.


In this piece written by a Conservative Tribune author, they curate from multiple sources essentially ousting the con’s behind the curtains. It’s not something we should ignore, take a look.

Watch- Video for Informational Purposes.

As Reported BY JOE SAUNDERS With Conservative Tribune.

The latest propaganda project is dubbed “March for Our Lives.” And while it’s having some logistical problems (this Washington Post report is almost funny), it’s generally being played by the media as a “spontaneous” outburst of student-led activism to promote gun safety through demonstrations planned across the country.

But as BuzzFeed reports, it’s really all the usual suspects getting involved, with the unassailable front of crying children as their public cover.