Liberals Are Now Attacking The New York City Transit System For Being Polite?!

New York City Transit System Submits To Special Interest Group.

Once again New York shows its ridiculous Liberal stripes by trying to accommodate .06% of the Cities population. The New York City Transit System has determined that their greeting and farewell recording may be too harsh for some ears. It being New York you might think that the greeting had some sort of slang or perhaps outdated language but that’s not the case. The offending words in question are: “Ladies” and “Gentlemen.” As in the courteous form of women and men.

The NYC Transit had found that their greeting and farewell contain Liberal Triggering Gender presumptuous words. Give me a break. It’s sad to see that this is what is now called Politically correct when people can’t be identified by their science-backed genders. What’s wrong with being formally addressed as a male or female? When did it become offensive to call someone by their gender? Oh, wait that’s right in this day in age overly pampered, super sensitive, Liberals are starting to take over Public Opinion and telling the General Public what is ok and not ok, infringing upon our freedom of speech, in the name of Political Correctness.

The minority is somehow controlling the majority much like how America switched over to Seasons Greetings from Merry Christmas. Who was that offending? What kind of overly sensitive nut was angry about being wished well. The fact that Christmas a Holiday celebrated by a huge majority could somehow be misconstrued to be offensive is just a testament to how far from reality these over the top these snowflakes really are. But I digress.

The New York City Transit is changing its greeting to be more accommodating by changing the “welcome ladies and gentlemen” to Welcome Passenger/Rider/everyone.  Because that is the sad state in which the world is in. I’m sure soon enough that too will be seen as offensive to someone or something.

Watch A Quick Sum Up Below.

As Reported By Red State, Kimberly Ross.

This is hardly the first fight against gender norms in New York City. It goes much further than just an announcement during your commute. In fact, using terms that may be offensive to some individuals may actually cost city businesses a boatload of money.

Last year, the New York City Commission of Human Rights released a list of gender-neutral pronouns to all the city’s businesses and landlords. The list required business owners and landlords to use gender pronouns like “ze,” which can be used instead of “he” or “she,” and “hir,” which is similar to “they.” A business could be fined as much as $250,000 for willful, hostile and repeated misuse of pronouns.

Scary, is it not? I’m sure we’ll see a further decline on this front as the biological fact is assaulted in favor of soothing those ever-changing feelings.

So you ladies and gentleman need to pay attention.