Liberals Find A New Way To Be Offended By Christmas

Liberal Scholar Attacks Traditional Christmas Song

Jingle Bells is a Christmas classic and quite nostalgic for most adults, as it is one of the first songs people usually learn. The chorus is jovial and there are many different takes on the classic song all great in their own way. But as per usual, you can’t have nice things when you have a political party that goes out of their way to try to find offense in everything. At this rate soon Liberals will be offended by people singing happy birthday in their proximity, because it’s not their birthday, or find the breathing of others to trigger them.

Liberals are going out of their way to attack Christmas. The holiday that is all about family, togetherness, love, and dare I say celebrating the birth of Christ. This year Black Lives Matter is trying to boycott white-owned businesses making it a Black Xmas somehow, A city in Arizona has shut down a festive Christmas light show and now a Boston University faculty member, Kyna Hamill is calling Jingle Bells Racist! Sadly, Events like these are a dime a dozen. This Liberal rampage has run rampant throughout the country. There are overly sensitive hair-triggered snowflakes on the prowl constantly twisting and contorting facts to make the purest things appear discriminatory.

“Jingle bells” has been a staple Christmas song for over 100 years. “Jingle Bells” was written by James Pierpont and was originally titled as One Horse Open Sleigh. The song title changed to the well known “Jingle Bells” two years later in 1857. The song was supposedly written in Savannah, Georgia in 1857 but the song could also have been written in Massachusetts in 1850. A plaque resides in both Georgia and Massachusetts claiming to be the spot where Pierpont wrote Jingle Bells.

The racially charged part of this story comes from a specific event where Pierpont allowed a friend who he dedicated “Jingles Bells” to, to use it in his theater productions.

BU Today reports that Hamill has uncovered a playbill from the September 15, 1857, show by Ordway’s Aeolians that lists a performance of “One Horse Open Sleigh” by Johnny Pell, who was described as a member of the “dandy darkies.”

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Watch the Original Version Of The Song Sung Below.

You can view the original “racist” sheet music here. There is nothing about the song that distinguishes any particular race despite the professor’s claims.

“Words such as ‘thro,’ ‘tho’t,’ and ‘upsot’ suggest a racialized performance that attempted to sound ‘southern’ to a northern audience,” Hamill wrote.

Hamill believes that those words point to a southern accent. The assumption that there is a southern accent does not help Hamill’s case as not all southerners are black, so the connection there is beyond weak. The other hole in the accusation is that the songwriter was trying to rhyme the word “lot” so he went with “up-sot”. It’s not hard to see what his intention was there.

The fact that the song was used by a group that used blackface in their production does not mean the song is racist. If a KKK member were to quote/reference Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have A Dream Speech” by this logic you would say that a very unifying speech is somehow racist just by proximity or the speaker? Just as this is an absurd thought so is the utterly ridiculous claim that Jingle Bells is racist.