Liberal Influenced Teens Put On Anti Gun Protest At White House

Teens Stage Lie Down Protest In Front Of White House.

Liberals are interesting creatures.When they are not complaining about Trump they are looking for ways to take away our rights in the name of safety. What’s worse is when the Mainstream media and LIberals convince teens that Gun Control is needed.

Teens for Gun Control, a small group, decided to Protest at The White House by taking turns lying down pretending to be shooting victims. They stayed laying down for three minutes to represent the amount of time the shooter was active during the recent Florida incident. The teens were also carrying banners that read things like: “Am I Next?,” “Is Congress or The NRA making our laws?”

You could tell the teens have been fed Anti-Gun rhetoric.

By doing this, we will make a statement on the atrocities which have been committed due to the lack of gun control, and send a powerful message to our government that they must take action now,’ the group wrote.”

It’s really important to express our anger and the importance of finally trying to make a change and having gun control in America,”

“Every day when I say bye to my parents, I do acknowledge the fact that I could never see my parents again,”

Watch The News Reel Below.

“The protest came as anger among students swelled in the aftermath of the latest mass shooting at a school. On Wednesday, Nikolas Cruz, 19, walked into Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland with an AR-15 rifle and fired about 100 shots, killing 17 students and school staff and wounding 16 more, officials said. Cops arrested Cruz and prosecutors are currently weighing whether to seek the death penalty.

Monday’s protest was organized by Whitney Bowen and Eleanor Nuechterlein, both juniors at the Potomac School. They formed a group called Teens for Gun Reform and publicized the protest through Facebook.”

As you can see these students are lacking understanding of how things would be better if schools were properly secured, They are being misled by the Anti-Gun narratives that are flooding the media. This “protest” shows us that we need to better inform the public. Because these teens are our future and the last we need is more Anti Gun fanatics.