Liberals In Pennsylvania Cause A Constitutional Crisis After Trump’s Big Win.

Pennsylvania Is About To Be The In The Center Of A Constitutional Storm Caused By Liberals.

P.A. played a massive role in the presidential elections that gave us President Trump and it seems like the Democrats there are still sore about Trump’s big win. Taking a page from the ‘Hillary playbook’, liberals there are blaming everything but the real issue- their crummy policies.

Why is it so hard for Democrats to accept that the American people were (and are) tired of Washington’s ‘business as usual’ approach? That we were tired of losing our liberties piece by piece while the officials, who were essentially selling them off, kept coming back for more. See what they’re blaming now.

As Reported By Frank Ryan with American Thinker:

In a repeat of the state’s extraordinary role in the 2016 presidential election, this year, Pennsylvania will be the center of a serious constitutional challenge.

At stake may be the entire congressional balance of power between Democrats and Republicans.  Democrats in PA are attempting to do through the courts what they were not able to do at the ballot box.  They are assuming that the woes of their cause are due to redistricting, not to failed policies repudiated by the electorate.

Trump’s stunning statewide victory in Pennsylvania in 2016 had absolutely nothing to do with gerrymandering.

As background, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania in 2018 ruled that the 2012 redistricting of Pennsylvania’s congressional districts was unconstitutional.  The Court gave the legislature until February 9 to submit a plan of redistricting to the governor for approval.  The governor would then have until February 15 to accept or reject the map.

The governor has rejected the map, and in its decision, the Supreme Court reserved the right to draw the boundaries of redistricting of its own accord or to select one of many competing plans…

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