Topless Activist Attempts To Deface Nativity Scene [Uncensored Video]

Nativity Scene Attacked By Crazed Feminist.

Christmas day is here a time of family and togetherness. A special day where we celebrate the birth of Christ. Every year people decorate their homes with lights and decorations of all sorts. Among the many decorations, the most important and symbolic of the holiday is the nativity scene. Comprised of a barn and manger where baby Jesus is laid down in the manger and three wise men come to give gifts of gold, incense, and myrrh. Most churches will make this their main display with a couple lights shining on it to help everyone remember what the holiday is about.

Every year the Pope makes a Christmas speech this year he stressed the importance of peace in the Middle East and focused on the many children who are injured by all of the conflicts. His speech was hopeful and warm but as per usual, some radical activists had to try and steal the attention away from the positive message.

Two hours after the Pope’s Christmas address his message of peace was forgotten as an activist attacked a symbol of the holiday. Radical Activist Group Femen has had it out for the baby Jesuses that reside in Nativity scenes. The activist group this year made an attempt to steal the baby from the nativity scene in Vatican City, the home of the Pope. Activist Alisa Vinogradova made the attempt this year yelling “God is Woman” as she ran at the scene. To really draw attention she went a step further, her attempted theft was done while topless.

Watch The Video Of The Incident Below.

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The incident above was a protest against the Vatican’s stance on women’s reproductive rights. Vinogradova was detained for her indecency and attempted theft.

Femen is an activist group that is comprised of women who use their toplessness as political weapons. They feel they can use their nakedness to draw attention to their causes. They identify as Feminist atheist sextremists. The feel that they live in a male-dominated world and this is their way of fighting back by using the ‘male oppressed’ female form. The main goal of the group is to end patriarchy.

The female form is beautiful but nudity has a time and a place. Public indecency for the sake of a cause is inconsiderate and using nudity as a weapon does nothing more than distract from whatever message they are trying to send. But maybe its a good thing in this case as this group doesn’t care about the lives of unborn children.