Serial Killer On The Loose In North Carolina?

Serial Killer Spree In North Carolina.

Police are starting to suspect there may be a serial killer in this small N.C. town. Abby Peterson puts the disappearance count to Four in Lumberton, NC. Four women have gone missing and the previous three have all turned up dead. The previous woman had all been found in a four-block radius.

Police are baffled and are asking for the communities help with any information they might have on the mysterious deaths and disappearances.

“At this point, we don’t know if there’s a connection,” Lumberton Police Chief Michael McNeill said of the women. ”

The first three women’s remains were found in close proximity to each other. The first inside the Abandoned building, the second in the trash receptacle outside, and the third within 500ft of the first two.

The Third victim Megan Oxendine was killed after being seen on the news interviewed about the previous two.

The FBI is helping with the case and they believe that  Abby knew her killer. The suspect is still in communication with Authorities but no arrests have been made.

Watch Interview with Oxendine below.

As Reported By Cristina Corbin, Fox News

“Abby is still listed as a missing person. We’ve had reported sightings of her but none of them have been confirmed,” he said.

The woman’s mother, meanwhile, told Fox News it was unlike her daughter to voluntarily cut all contact with her family.

“We talk or text every day,” said Samantha Lovette, Patterson’s mother. “When she didn’t come home after an hour, I called her cell phone and it went straight to voicemail.”

“We just want her home,” said Lovette, who described her daughter, the youngest of her three children, as “bubbly and free-spirited.”

“Everybody she meets she just loves and they love her,” said Lovette.

A $5,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the location of Patterson. Anyone with information on her whereabouts or on the deaths of Bennett, Jones, and Oxendine is urged to call the Lumberton Police Department at (910) 671-3845.