Breaking: Bank Of America Armor Truck Robbery [Raw Surveillance Footage]

Washington Police are looking for any information on the two men seen in the video holding Amor Truck Officers at Gun Point.

Police have released the CCTV footage to the public in hopes someone will recognize one of these two degenerate criminals. The robbery took place at the Bank Of America in Beltsville. While the armor truck employee was working to fill the Bank’s ATM for the Christmas Rush, two assailants seem to appear out of nowhere. Weapons in hand and raised, it’s clear these thugs came prepared.

With their guns pointed at the man’s, head the armor truck officer was forced to lay on the ground. One criminal sat on the armor truck officer’s back while the other successfully stole $200,000 from the ATM. What the footage does not show is that the two perpetrators retreat to a van off camera. They then drive about a mile down the road and abandon the van. The men are currently at large, are armed, and considered dangerous. Luckily the armor truck officer was not injured.

Contact information pertaining to this case is displayed at the end of this video.



As Reported By Nahal Amouzadeh with WTOP.

WASHINGTON — Two armored truck security guards depositing money at an ATM in Beltsville, Maryland, were robbed at gunpoint on Friday and detectives have now released the surveillance video.

Police say the robbery took place last Friday around 10:30 a.m. in the 10600 block of Baltimore Avenue at an ATM outside a bank.

“This was obviously a brazen robbery in the middle of the day,” Prince George’s County police spokeswoman Jennifer Donelan said in a Friday news conference.

The surveillance video shows two armored truck security guards depositing money into the ATM when the armed…

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