Karma Anyone? Liberals Are Making Chuck Schumer’s Life A Nightmare [Video]

Mixed Reviews On Chuck Schumer From Liberals Makes For An Entertaining spectacle to behold.

Left-leaning activists and liberals are doing what they do best, protesting, but this time they have chosen a deserving target for their triggered outrage.

Since holding the government at a standstill in the shutdown Schumer has taken flack from both ends of the liberal spectrum. Those who are upset that he allowed his politics to interfere with his job and those who are calling him a sellout. We think you’ll find this all pretty amusing.

As Reported By EMILY ZANOTTI With Daily Wire:

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) will, apparently, be made to suffer for his weekend-long wait to collapse in front of Congressional Republicans. Not only has he earned the moniker, “#SchumerSellout,” but left-leaning activists are now camping out on his lawn and, perhaps worst of all, they’re leaving reviews for him on Google Places.

They’re all one-star.

“The idiot just plays games with the Americans, just got my furlough because of this idiot and his left wing extremist minions shutting down the government Get out of office. Get out of America you scum Schumer,”…

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The protest doesn’t end online, apparently, Schumer has an angry mob of illegal immigrants right on his front lawn. The group demanding that Schumer make their ‘dreams’ come true if he ever wants to sleep again.

Illegal aliens aren’t content to be in America, receiving free education, government handouts, free health care. They want more, and they’ve decided to make the top Senate Democrat — one of their most vocal champions — the next target.


The mob reportedly have been chanting and banging on buckets to ensure Schumer doesn’t rest. Looks like ole’ Chuck needs to rethink the concept of ‘walls’ now that the ‘fight’ is literally on his front lawn. Enjoy your ‘Dreamers’, Schumer, you earned it.