The Recoil Action On This 20mm Rifle Really Shakes Things Up [Video]

The 20mm Anti-Materiel Rifle Has The Power To Get Things Shaking.

The 20mm Rifle may not be a practical every-day civilian weapon but you have to admit it looks like fun. This high power anti-materiel long rifle was first used back in WWI as an anti-tank munition. It was originally used by the Germans to penetrate the thick armor of British tanks but has since undergone several upgrades in range and use.

Even so, it wouldn’t be much use against Today’s armored tanks but still serves several uses as a stationary gun. In this case, the rifle is being used for educational and recreational purposes on the Tactical Ranch in El Paso, Texas.


As Reported By Wikipedia:

Anti-materiel Rifles are for use against military equipment instead of enemy infantry. What makes a rifle an anti-materiel rifle is the type/size of ammunition that is fired, when used with conventional ball or target ammunition the rifle does not have any anti materiel capability above and beyond that of any other high velocity large calibre rifle. As of the Saint Petersburg Declaration of 1868, the use of explosive rounds were deemed too inhuman to use on people, this means that explosive round cannot be used on infantry but can be on any materiel. The size of the bullet also plays a factor in the definition. A standard rifle typically fires a 5.56mm or 7.62mm round, while anti-materiel rifles tend to fire a .50 caliber BMG round with the capacity for greater destruction and penetration. Due to the large size, weight and kick of this gun most rifles such as the Barrett M99 have to be fired from a prone position or from a bipod so that the person firing the weapon does not sustain injury. Two to three man sniper teams are required when using this rifle as for the size as well as the possible range this weapon has. For example, the range of a standard sniper rifle firing a 7.62x51mm NATO round travels a distance of about 1000 meters as for the Barrett’s effective range is greater than 1500 having scored a target at 2500 meters.