Far Left Director Michael Moore Compares The NRA To ISIS

Michael Moore Makes Slanderous Comment About NRA.

Michael Moore is known for his Liberal biased documentaries and for his loud outspoken nature. Earlier this month he made an odd connection claiming ISIS was somehow similar to the NRA. You read that right. He finds the National Rifle Association, an organization that helps to train people in gun safety is somehow similar to the terrorists that behead and blow up Americans.

The NRA also helps Americans keep their rights as they have a strong pro-gun lobby. WIthout the help of the NRA who is to say if we would still have as many freedoms.

Read His Facebook Post Below.

So Moore believes that the NRA inspires death. Doesn’t gun safety do the opposite? When the NRA lobbies for Americans to maintain their right to bear arms, the organization is pushing for the safety of Americans. The right to protect ourselves from criminals that may aim to steal or kill us. Show me the ISIS run gun safety classes and where ISIS fights for our rights. But much like other liberals, Moore can’t see the purpose of a gun or perhaps he has drunk too much of the Liberal Koolaide to see any different.

Sadly Moore and his anti-gun brethren are on the disarm America side of the fence. They can’t seem to understand the reason why it is important to arm teachers.

An Old Video But His Feelings On Gun Control And Americans Hasn’t Changed.

But he is not alone with his anti-gun sentiment.

“NBC’s Megyn Kelly criticized the NRA last Thursday, saying the organization is “too powerful” and that “our politicians are too weak, and the guns are too ubiquitous.”

The list of businesses that are dropping their association with the NRA is growing with Delta Airlines recently adding their name to the anti-gun-safety list.

We need to step up and inform our neighbors that the NRA is not against us before it is too late. There are too many people that are buying into the Mainstream Media’s BS.