NY Strippers On Strike?!

This Just In Strippers Have Unions Now And They Are Upset That They Are Not Getting Fair Treatment.

It is shocking that there are strippers unions now. Aside from that revelation, the real story is that strippers are not getting their fair shake when it comes to tips. According to Mike Diaz, a strip club owner he claims that the exotic dancers there can make anywhere from $50,000 to $150,000 a year and that’s a conservative figure.

The controversy for New York strippers come down to the rivaling job of bartenders which is also tip based work. The bartenders are apparently showing up to work in scantily dressed clothes as well and competing with the exotic dancers. In some locations, they are even working both jobs at once or stealing tips that are intended for the dancers.

This wouldn’t be as big an issue if it were not for the money that strippers have to pay out at the end of the night. At the end of the night, strippers have to tip the DJ and “tip the house” which cuts into their pay, whereas bartenders don’t have the same obligations.

“A group of the TOP African-American and Latina strippers in New York City have gone ON STRIKE. The dancers are claiming that they will NOT return to work until clubs give them EQUAL TREATMENT with bartenders.”

Bartenders make an average of 30,000 a year on the books at least, with some estimates much lower. I’d say the strippers just need to get off their high poles. They are making ridiculous money doing things that lay well on the other side of moral.

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There are other issues at play in the striptease stoppage.

DJ Kay Slay posted: “There is RACISM against black [women] in most of these NY strip clubs! . . . At some of my events when it’s celebrities in the VIP I have to grab the black women by their hands and pull them into VIP.”

When we ran into La La Anthony at a fashion event and asked her opinion, she told us, “I know that scene well. I go to strip clubs, I have friends that are strippers, I have friends that are bartenders. Now the bartenders are the hottest things, and they are getting all the money, and no one is paying the strippers. It is definitely a tricky thing.” But, “There is a lane for everyone.”