Joe Biden Has A New Nickname & He’s Not Going To Like This One Either

Joe Biden has a new nickname and he’s not going to like this one either.

Not only do Americans believe Biden is doing a terrible at his job they also think he is a complete dud.

An ABC News/Washington Post poll discovered that Americans believe that Biden is an empty suit and can’t get anything done.

“Biden has been president for about ten months. Would you say he has accomplished a great deal during that time, a good amount, not very much or little or nothing?” the survey asked.

An overwhelming 63% reported that Biden has “not done much” or “little or nothing” since being in office. Only 27% said that Biden has accomplished a “goo amount/great deal.”

Even the morons at CNN agree that Joe Biden is a “do nothing president.” The liberal news outlet wrote that “one sentence can sum up Joe Biden’s political problems:”

I voted for you … now go do what you said you would do.

These polls and the CNN report is the liberal media trying to instruct Biden on what they want him to do. The reports capture the sediment but it’s wrong. People don’t want Joe Biden to do anything, matter of fact they want him to stop.

Americans want to be proud of their country, they want him to stop his war on fossil fuels, they want him to stop the rampant government spending causing inflation, and they do not want mandates imposed on them.

This is why you see Biden taking the new COVID variant so seriously his base is obsessed with COVID. If Biden doesn’t go head over heals addressing it he will completely lose what little support he has left. However, it’s a double edge sword because if he imposes more mandates to appease his ludicrous base he will lose the country.