Joe Biden Goes Full Stalin After SCOTUS Leak Says He Won’t Let The ‘Public’ Decide, ‘I’m Not Prepared To Leave That To The Whims Of…

You hear that plebs, President Joe Biden said that he is not going to let the American people decide on controversial issues like abortion or birth control.

When boarding Air Force One a reporter asked Biden if “changes need to be made to the Court in light of this, if this decision holds?”

“We have to choose — I mean, look, one of the reasons why I voted against a number of the members of the Court: They refuse to acknowledge that there’s a 9th Amendment.  They refuse to acknowledge there’s a right to privacy,” Biden said.

The president continued by adding, “I mean, there are so many fundamental rights that are affected by that.  And I’m not allo- — I’m not prepared to leave that to the whims and the — and the — of the public at the moment in local areas.”

It’s amazing how quickly privacy is a big deal to Democrats after for almost a year they demanded people to get vaccinated.

Biden dodged when asked if the Senate should dump the filibuster if the ruling holds.

“I’m not — I’m not prepared to make those judgments now about — but, you know, I think the codification of Roe makes a lot of sense,” he said.

In response, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has “vowed” to force the Senate to vote on an abortion bill but said he will not break the filibuster. This means Senate Democrats in swing states are going to have to go on record during an election year, which if your a Republican is like frosting on a cake. Additionally, Schumer is showing his rabid base he’s a coward because he wisely won’t touch the filibuster. Both options are landmines for the Democrats who were trying to use the Supreme Court leak to keep their base which is abandoning them.

It’s important to remember that the leaked decision is just a draft, we have no idea what the actual ruling will be and we won’t until the summer.

This could all just be a ruse from the left.