ICE Chief Warns Illegals That They Are ‘Not Going To Be OK Anymore’ [Video]

ICE Chief, Thomas Homan, is at it again and warns illegals and their supporting officials that he ‘won’t back down’.

Since becoming a ‘Sanctuary State’, California has hit the headlines almost weekly for violent crimes committed by illegal immigrants. Something Mr. Homan warned officials and residents would happen. Rather than loosen up on their constraints surrounding local and federal law enforcement, California’s officials continue to stand their ground on their decision to become a catchall State.

The State’s continued decision to put their residents at risk has only fueled Thomas Homans fight forward. In his recent address to officers, Homan drums up their spirits and ours.

Watch -Ice Chief’s Original Warning to Californians.

As Reported By Associated Press and  Fox News:

In a fiery speech to hundreds of law enforcement officers, the acting director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement excoriated the political enablers of illegal immigration on Wednesday, saying he’ll “never back down” from safeguarding the border.

Speaking at the Border Security Expo in San Antonio, Thomas Homan singled out sanctuary cities and the ongoing congressional debate over so-called “Dreamers.”

“If we get a clean DACA bill, shame on all of us,” Homan said, referring to the Obama administration’s contentious Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. “You can’t address DACA and reward people that brought children here illegally and not address underlying reasons of DACA.”

“If you violate the laws of this country, if you enter illegally, which is a crime, it’s not going to be OK anymore.”

– Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan

Homan, who said that he “100 percent support[s] the wall,” added that he is “sick and tired of the vilification of the men and women of ICE and the Border Patrol,” according to multiple accounts of his speech.

“If you violate the laws of this country, if you enter illegally, which is a crime, it’s not going to be OK anymore,” Horman said.

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