Dems Really Are Creeps: Candidate In Hot Water Over Disturbing Behavior Involving Gov. Kristi Noem

South Dakota Democrat, Ryan Ryder is an Air Force veteran and a lawyer who was running for Congress against Republican Rep. Dusty Johnson.

“It is pretty exciting, it kind of came together quickly,” Ryder said. “I think we can reach out to a lot of people that I am not normally in contact with about our common goals for making South Dakota better.”

As quickly as it “came together” his election bid fell apart after creepy social media posts were discovered.

One post written by Ryder fantasized about making a cartoon kill Rep. Johnson’s family.

In another disturbing post, Ryder joked about performing a sexual act to a picture of Governor Kristi Noem.

Governor Noem’s spokesman posted an image of the governor riding on a horse with an American flag and Ryder suggested he would masturbate to it.

Ryder also attacked Johnson wishing that January 6, 2021 rioters had attacked him.

“You are a complete and utter fraud,” Ryder tweeted. “It’s too bad that the Trump rioters that you continue to support didn’t get you that day.”

At first, Ryder defended his comments and the South Dakota Democrat Party defended him.

“A lot of these were basically just biting sarcasm, just flippant and rude,” Ryder explained. “A lot of these had important context on them.”

“Ryan’s lifetime of service and commitment to his community speaks louder than some poorly-worded tweets,” said SDDP Executive Director Berk Ehrmantraut. “I expect Ryan to be the Democratic nominee for Congress.”

Ryder claimed that he was using “shock jock” humor to make a political point.

“Almost all these were either biting sarcasm seeking a response from our elected officials, trying to get them to take an issue more seriously,” Ryder said. “Trying to get them to not blow off their constituents… Why are they not responding to critical issues with the office that they hold?”

Well, just twenty fours hours after he announced he was running the DNC dumped him and Ryder said he would be terminating his run for office.

“The South Dakota Democratic Party has determined it is not appropriate for Mr. Ryder to continue in this race and requested that he end his candidacy, which he has agreed to,” Ehrmantraut said in a statement posted on the party website

“These statements from Mr. Ryder do not live up to the values of the South Dakota Democratic Party, and we do not support this type of language,” said SDDP Chair Randy Seiler.