Watch: Biden Buddy AKA ‘America’s Worst Mayor’ Ends Presser After Getting Roasted, ‘How Can You Possibly…

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot ended a press conference after being humiliated.

The city is being laid to waste with violence and residents are tired of her virtue signaling coronavirus restrictions.

During a press conference, Chicago reporter William J. Kelly called Lightfoot out for claiming crime was down and the economy was booming.

America’s worst Mayor Lori Lightfoot countered that his claims weren’t true but Kelly continued.

The reporter countered Lightfoot’s claims and mentioned that Michigan Avenue is now considered the “Mile of Fear” because of the crime and chaos.

“Real Chicagoans are asking me, how can you possibly even consider running for re-election for mayor of the city of the Chicago after all the harm you’ve caused?” Kelly asked during Tuesday’s press conference.

“I don’t think I need to dignify your comments,” Lightfoot responded.

Lightfoot is preparing for re-election.

“Ladies and gentlemen, there’s a narrative out there that our city is headed in the wrong direction,” she said to the City Club of Chicago. “That noise is completely belied by these objective data points, which show a very robust economy that is creating jobs and opportunity.

Over Easter weekend 14 people were shot and police reported they have no suspects at this time.

Democrats’ lies are getting crazier by the day.

Internet “fact-checkers” are fabricating stories to cover up Biden’s gaffes. They now claim that when Biden was actually pointing when he hallucinated and reached out to shake the hand of a person who wasn’t there.

They don’t want you to believe your eyes.