High School Football Team Shows NFL Players What Patriotism Looks Like

Patriotic High School Football Team Shows The NFL How To Respect Their Country.

The Football team for Ridgecrest Highschool in Southern California, showed everyone their stripes last Friday and gave a lesson to every kneeling NFL player, on how they should be acting. They approached the field, each player bearing an American flag all while “I’m Proud to be an American” (God Bless America- Lee Greenwood) complimented their entrance and sent patriotic goosebumps to the crowd in the bleachers.

This is how football teams are supposed to be and it’s sad that in this day and age you can’t turn the TV on anymore to readily see it. It’s almost a trend to disrespect the flag and what it stands for. The man that started all this mess Colin Kaepernick has even offered to start respecting the flag again, if it will get him his job back. Kaepernick has started a disrespectful trend and now has shown his true money green colors.

These football players show hope for the future, that the NFL hasn’t tarnished the youth of our nation with their blatant disregard for old glory and all that she stands for.

“The kids have been frustrated with what’s going on across the country with players taking a knee. So I told the kids that politics don’t have a place in high school sports. I told them we stand for the national anthem. That’s what you do as an American in this country.” The Head Coach Todd Mather said.

Watch The Patriotic Players Below.

As Reported By Todd Starnes

At the conclusion of the song, the game announcer told the crowd they were living in the “best country on the face of this Earth.”

“At Burroughs football game – we are standing,” he declared. “We are standing for the national anthem.”

“It was absolutely amazing,” Tina Haugen, who also filmed the event, said. “Our community is unbelievably patriotic. Everybody was clapping and cheering.”

The young men on the football team and the good citizens of Ridgecrest should be commended for their public display of patriotism.

They reminded the nation that there are plenty of folks across the fruited plain who are proud to be Americans.