Heartless Liberals Shamelessly Cry Out For Gun Control In Wake Of Veteran Facility Tragedy

Liberals Rush To Their Anti-Gun Narrative In Wake Of Recent Tragedy.

Liberals are on an Anti-Gun Kick to and the recent shootings have just been keeping them at the ready for more Anti-Gun nonsense. It’s sad if they really wanted to make a positive change they should empower the people as opposed to their constant attempts to disarm American citizens leaving them defenseless.

Tragedy struck this past Friday when a PTSD stricken Veteran took the lives of three women. The Veteran, identified as Albert Wong had been a part of The Pathway Home Program. A program with the sole purpose of helping veterans re-enter civilian life.

The Pathway Home provides educational, professional, and clinical support in a residential setting to post-9/11 Veterans pursuing academic or vocational endeavors who are transitioning back into the civilian world following military deployment.”

Watch The News Reel About The Incident Below.

Albert Wong had been enrolled in their program but for reasons still unknown he had been removed. He then took it upon himself to sneak in and hold three staff members hostage this past Friday. After an 8 hour standoff, he killed himself and the three hostages.

A tragedy all around. A PTSD afflicted soldier and three women who devoted their lives to the aid of Veterans. But Liberals didn’t see tragedy, No they saw an opportunity. They saw another chance to attack American Gun Rights. Trump tweeted out his condolences and they could not care less about the victims as you can see in the responses.




So as you can see the class just disappears after Trump’s condolences. There are plenty more to view if you go back and read the replies. Liberals were over the top very few seemed to care about the victims according to their statements. The irony is that the Liberals are all demanding Gun Control in California, a state that is fond of disarming American citizens.

California has a ban on Assault Rifle sales and requires that you register the rifles that you already own. “California now defines an “assault weapon” as any semi-automatic, centerfire rifle or semi-automatic pistol that lacks a fixed magazine and has one of a number of features that include a protruding pistol grip or a folding or telescoping stock.” So Gun sellers in California now sell what? slingshots?

They also now have to go to a gun dealer for online ammunition sales. So tell me again how more Gun Control will be the solution to all gun-related incidents.