Handler’s Recent Attack On Sarah Sanders Will Make Your Blood Boil!

The Trashy Handler Is At It Again

The “Comedian” (if you can call her that) has gone and attacked Sanders again this time her feminity and looks. The talentless Handler made a fake video tutorial for Sarah Sanders. As you can see below:

The parodied tutorial mocks not only Sarah’s beauty but her intelligence as well. The self-proclaimed feminist, Handler, through the parody, makes demeaning comments towards Sanders like: “My face is a big fat biscuit.” and “make him a woman.” The Talentless Handler is not one to talk as she is not a model and not known for her beauty but her failed Netflix show has inflated her ego. The comedian who has what could be considered a flock of crows feet around her eyes should back off as she is taking political commentary to a new low. To kill the messenger is just ridiculous and unreasonable.

Handler through the parody made numerous slights at Trump. “Puerto Rico before that one rainy day they had,” or her reference to the Russians and concealer. She flails around attacking whatever she can in hopes of getting attention.

It is easy to see why Netflix canceled her show and surprising she ever had one, to begin with.

As Reported By Breitbart, Daniel Nussbaum

(Mike Huckabee on his daughter Sarah Huckabee Sanders)

“My daughter has a husband who loves her and is wonderful to her. My daughter has three delightful children. She’s a happy balanced person,” he added. “My daughter has enjoyed life. She’s a pretty straightlaced person. She goes to church and lives a life Chelsea Handler has never known.”

Handler has regularly used her social media account to attack President Donald Trump, his family members, and administration officials.

Earlier this year, the comedian mocked First Lady Melania Trump by saying she could “barely speak English,” and in March, attacked Trump’s then-unborn grandchild in a mocking tweet, misspelling the word, “genes.”