New York’s Governor Gets Busted By Politico.

It’s been a while since the Governor of  New York, Andrew Cuomo, did a press interview. The Governor apparently can’t be bothered with it. Then again, like most politicians these days, Cuomo is likely trying to lay low to avoid being called out by the masses over his own dirt and lies. After taking some heat from avoiding the press Cuomo had the bright idea to address the press via conference call and tried to be cute about it. Here is what happened.

[Update] Watch- This Looks Like The Reason Cuomo Has Been Dodging The Press.

As Reported By Jazz Shaw With HotAir.

The last time New York Governor Andrew Cuomo held an in-person press conference with the Empire State press was in June. That’s a fairly long stretch for the governor of America’s fourth largest state and an aspiring 2020 presidential contender to stay under the radar. But this week it was clearly going to change. Cuomo has been on a tirade against the tax “reform” bill currently going through reconciliation and he wants his voice heard in the national debate.

So let’s have a press conference, right? Well… not quite. The Governor was “unavailable” for such a spectacle, but he did arrange for a conference call where reporters could phone in. There were two catches to this scheme, however. First, Cuomo’s aides were calling around to local reporters trying to plant questions so the Governor could get his message across. Second, and even more embarrassing, was the fact that Cuomo wasn’t unavailable at all. He was right inside of his Albany suite of offices. The press caught wind of it, particularly Politico, and they busted him by both refusing to go along with the planted questions and calling in to the “press conference” from the hallway outside his office. (See edit below)

Gov. Andrew Cuomo decided to take questions from the Albany press corps by phone rather than in person on Thursday, even though he was in the capital city, and his aides contacted several reporters in hopes of planting questions with them…

To show their dissatisfaction with the arrangement, Albany reporters from several outlets, including POLITICO, phoned in to the conference from outside Cuomo’s Capitol suite. Gubernatorial press aides then contacted several reporters, three of them said, hoping to have them ask…

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