Georgia Republicans Plan To Kill Tax Cuts For Delta Over Anti-Conservative Stunt [Video]

Georgia’s lieutenant governor has threatened to fight a tax break for the airline Over their treatment of law-abiding NRA members.

Republican and Lieutenant Governor, Casey Cagle, is sick of businesses caving under liberal pressure. The Airlines announced plans to cut discounts awarded to NRA members and in retaliation the LT. Gov. threatened to cut Delta’s fuel tax break. Cagle says he is sick of seeing conservatives being pushed around. This is the kind of stance we need to start seeing across the board.

We have seen companies like Facebook and Twitter are currently blocking Conservatives’ posts. Recently we reported that big brand named companies requested their ads not be used on Conservative sites, like InfoWars. While we believe it is their American right to refuse services to whomever they please, it’s nice to see someone refuse to offer benefits to these companies who want to play politicians.


As reported by  The New York Times:

The lieutenant governor in Georgia threatened on Monday to kill a proposed lucrative tax cut for Delta Air Lines after the company eliminated a discount fare program for the National Rifle Association over the weekend.

The move by Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle, who presides over the State Senate, immediately put the legislation in jeopardy and put him at loggerheads with other top state officials, including the governor, who had championed the tax deal. The showdown between one of Georgia’s most powerful politicians and one of the state’s largest employers was the latest clash in a national debate around guns after the deadly school shooting in Florida this month.

Mr. Cagle, a Republican, fired the salvo at Delta on Twitter on Monday afternoon, saying that the Atlanta-based company must restore its program with the N.R.A. “Corporations cannot attack conservatives and expect us not to fight back,” Mr. Cagle, who had expressed his support for the bill earlier this month, said on Twitter.

“I will kill any tax legislation that benefits unless the company changes its position and fully reinstates its relationship with . Corporations cannot attack conservatives and expect us not to fight back,” Cagle tweeted.