Common Bashes The NRA And Then Patriotism

Common Takes A Stab At The NRA During The Oscars.

The Oscars the event where actors and movie makers pat each other the back for doing their jobs. A mostly Liberal centric arena where the winner is usually the movie that pushed the greatest PC agenda. So as you might expect they are not Gun Rights Activists. So aside from Kimmel’s failed attempts at making jokes you had Common who decided he would take a swipe at the NRA.

Common, for those of you who don’t know, is a rapper that never really made it big. He is probably more known for his role on “Hell On Wheels,” a post-Civil War era action-drama TV show. The show revolves around the race to be the first to have train tracks that cross the nation. Common played the best friend of the main character until he decided to leave the show to work on his “music career.”

So Common took it upon himself to slight the NRA with a quick rhyme he supposedly came up with at the Oscars.

Tell the NRA they ain’t God’s way. And to the people of Parkland, we say Ase,” he added, referring to the site of last month’s high school massacre and a West African philosophy.”

The NRA saw this and posted a heck of a response.

You would think that Common would get the message. But instead, he mocked it showing his true colors on how he feels about the Military, the American Flag, and Patriotism.

But I guess this is to be expected as he is a Hollywood Liberal and you can’t expect them to care about things they deem to be below them. Like Patriotism, American rights, and the soldiers that have fought and died to maintain our freedoms. I would say people should boycott Common and his anti-American Hollywood brethren, but how do you boycott someone that is so uncommon.