Watch: Maxine Waters Is In Big Trouble After Threatening Reporter Over Emerging Scandal

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) is in the middle of a scandal and has been caught threatening a reporter.

When investigative reporter Connor Sheets from the Los Angeles Times contacted Waters she threatened him saying, “You’ll hurt yourself and the community trying to put this together.”

On March 25, 2022, hundreds of homeless attempted to get Section 8 housing vouchers in South Los Angeles after they were misled.

A nonprofit advocacy group Father and Mothers Who Care was holding an event to help the homeless receive emergency shelter when it was crashed by hundreds looking for help.

The non-profit was quickly overwhelmed and things became chaotic.

That was when an angry Waters yelled, “I want everybody to go home.”

“We don’t got no home, that’s why we’re here!” one member of the crowd yelled back, according to the LA Times. “What home we gonna go to?”

It was reported Waters said, “Nothing is going to happen here today.”

The New York Post highlights account of a disabled homeless woman who reported that Waters lied to them:

One homeless disabled woman, Joyce Burnett, told the Times that Waters instructed the crowd to come back to the South Angeles office the following Tuesday with appropriate documents.

“Maxine Waters was here, and she said to come back Tuesday with our paperwork filled out,” Burnett said. “I have it, everything they asked for. But every time we get near the front of the line, they shut the door. They opened the door about 20 minutes ago and said they’re not servicing anyone else today.”

When contacted by the LA Times Tuesday, Waters requested the story not be published, saying “it’s a bunch of rumors.”

“You’ll hurt yourself and the community trying to put this together without background,” she told Sheets, according to the report. “I don’t want you to start trying to write it, you won’t understand it.”

Waters was there for a photo-op but now is at the center of an embarrassing scandal.

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