First Lady Jill Biden ‘Deletes’ Christmas


First Lady Jill Biden ‘Deletes’ Christmas – During White House ‘Holiday Unveiling,’ She Barely Mentions Christmas

What’s Happening:

Many Americans remember when the White House put on an amazing Christmas show. It wasn’t that long ago when a certain first lady dazzled the country with a beautiful display that celebrated the “most wonderful time of the year.”

But today, we have a first lady that seems more concerned with wokeness and identity politics than the birth of Christ. Jill Biden unveiled this year’s White House Christmas decorations. But, to the shock of millions, she left out one important thing.

From Trending Politics:

In fact, though the decorations were put up to celebrate Christmas and decorate the White House for Christmas, Dr. Jill only used the word “Christmas” three times during her speech on the “Unveiling of the 2022 White House Holiday Theme and Celebration of Volunteers, with two of those times being in reference to the White House Christmas tree…

During the speech, Dr. Jill instead used the politically correct “holiday”, preferring the use of that to “Christmas.” At one point, for example, she referred to “the holidays” and “holiday decorations” rather than “Christmas decorations” and “Christmas season”.

Ugh. Back when Trump was president, he proudly encouraged Americans to say “Merry Christmas.” But with brain-dead Democrats back in the White House, we’re back to washing away the real reason for the season.

Jill Biden spent her speech talking about the “holiday” and rarely said the word Christmas. In a speech meant to commemorate the White House Christmas decorations, she only said Christmas three times.

And two of those times were when she said “Christmas tree”! I’m surprised she didn’t say “holiday tree” or something stupid like that.

Why bother putting up decorations at all? I’m sure some leftists will say twinkling lights are a symbol of white supremacy. And environmentalists probably hate the fact that trees were cut down and put up for human enjoyment.

Antifa probably considers holidays “fascist.” And BLM probably thinks Christmas is racist.

How long will it take before some Democrat first lady refuses to do anything of this–to support these stupid groups? Biden’s almost there, refusing to say Christmas or remember the birth of Jesus Christ.

Weren’t these people supposed to be Catholics?

Key Takeaways:

  • Jill Biden refused to say Christmas during a speech about the White House Christmas decorations.
  • She said “Christmas” only three times and refused to talk about the birth of Christmas.
  • Instead, she kept using the word “holiday” as a PC way of avoiding the real reason for the season.

Source: Trending Politics