The Moment Sally Kohn Melts down When Asked About Bill Clinton Is Hilarious.

Talk about ‘Opening your mouth and inserting your foot’. In a panel about allegations against Jude Roy Moore’s, Sally Kohn decided to attack the GOP for their response.

The debate should have been about the current dilemma the Republican party is facing with Judge Moore running for a seat in the Senate amidst sexual allegations. As well as about, the Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell’s “evasion” of the press’ questions about Moore during his tax cut meeting.

However, Sally turned that conversation from about possible options for both partied into a jab at President Trump. Kohn believes the Republican party ‘shot themselves in the foot’ by not turning their backs on Trump for allegations brought up against him.  It was at this point when Jack Kingston, former Republican Congressman, brought up allegations against Bill Clinton. In a true Liberal fashion, Sally attempts to blow it off by saying it is in the past.

His redirect clearly flew all over Sally Kohn and she can be seen clearly triggered by the mention of former president Clinton’s ‘indiscretions’. Even the CNN host gives a chuckle at Kohn’s response. We think you will want to see this.


As written by Justin Caruso with The Daily Caller.

CNN’s Sally Kohn was not happy when a conservative panelist brought up Bill Clinton’s sex scandals during a segment on Roy Moore’s alleged sexual misconduct.

Kohn, appearing on “CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin,” said, “the Republican Party already shot itself in the foot by not distancing themselves from Donald Trump when 11 women made similar, adult women at least made allegations against him and he himself bragged about sexually assaulting women,”

Jack Kingston, the former Trump campaign advisor, said, “Sally, I wasn’t going to bring up William Jefferson Clinton, but I never heard…”


CNN’s Sally Kohn Gets Triggered When Panelist Brings Up Bill Clinton Allegations [VIDEO]