It’s A Cult: Watch How Woke Disney Employees Protest Bill Stopping Teachers From Grooming Small Children

LGBTQ+ (whatever the heck the other letters are) activists are becoming the new vax church censoring anyone who believes in biological gender.

Disney has found itself in the center of the debate after CEO Bob Chapek tried to stay quiet when Florida passed a bipartisan bill forbidding teachers to teach transgender issues until a child reaches fourth grade. Far-left activists called the bill the “don’t say gay bill” which is not even mentioned in the legislation.

The woke mob would not be denied and radical Disney employees staged a walkout demanding the company lead the charge to groom kids and this is what they sounded like.

Tell me you are in a cult without telling me you are in a cult.

Fearing a revolt Chapek told Disney employees that he is a “changed man” and promises to fight other states that attempt to impose laws similar to the one that passed in Florida.

Below is commentary from Left-wing activists pressuring Disney to fight anti-grooming legislation.

Disney also posted this image on the Instagram page.

Parents have spoken loud and clear on this issue. Everywhere grooming curriculum has shown up parents have held their school officials accountable and fought it. If Disney wants to get behind grooming small children then they better buckle up because polling shows 40% of Disney consumers are considering no longer supporting the company because of their stance.