Matt Gaetz: Calls For Help From The Public To Release The FISA Memo [Video]

Congressman Matt Gaetz is urging the public to stay involved and aide in getting the 4-page memo released.

As thousands of supporters have taken to social media in a ‘#releasethememo’ movement, Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz urges the public to keep the pressure on. Gaetz believes that the push to release the 4 page Nunes memo (also called the FISA memo) will be successful, especially with the public’s help.

Though, Gaetz, like the others didn’t shed any new light on what might be ‘in’ this infamous memo he did state that ‘laws were broken’ and that those mentioned in the memo are still in power. Adding to the ominous message about what we might expect, ‘heads will roll’. Take a look.


Among the many #releasethememo Tweets we have found several Congressmen and Journalists stepping up and joining the cause. Could this be the light needed to dry up the swamp? It is certainly a brilliant start!


While most Democrats we have spoken to have taken a false ‘nonchalant’ stance on the release of the memo higher officials claim the document is taken out of context.

As Reported on CNN:

“Democrats say the memo’s findings are skewed and contain no more than partisan talking points, and they warn that releasing the memo will harm Congress’ relationships with the Justice Department and intelligence community.
But Republicans appear to be charging ahead with their plan to publicly release the document and potentially some of the underlying intelligence so long as sources and methods are not disclosed.”
Even though we think it is dangerous and unwise to make speculations about what information this memo could contain the building tension and strong languages used does leave you expecting the worse. All we can do at this point is keep pushing officials to release the memo and hold those involved accountable.