Watch: Lawyers Jump In After MSNBC Analyst May Have Violated The Geneva Convention & Lost Their Mind

Lawyers over at MSNBC quickly jumped in after one of their analysts, Malcolm Nance went completely off the reservation while in Ukraine presumably on their visa.

During a segment on Joy Reid’s show on MSNBC Nance was dressed in tactical gear and proudly declared that he has joined the Ukrainian International Legion. The announcement was made on the same day the network aired an interview he had done for the network inside the war-torn country.

Nance’s announcement was a huge conflict of interest and a violation of the Geneva Convention. Members of the press are non-combatants and they are not allowed to pick up arms.

Below is the video of Nance announcing he’s joining the legion.

By the time the sun came up the next day the liberal news network immediately disavowed him despite MSNBC airing an interview he did for the network. Which by the way, is the cringiest thing you’ll ever see from the media. While Nance pretends rockets are raining down on him traffic in the background resumes and people are calmly walking.

Nance was also mocked online over an image he posted wearing tactical gear. The “former” MSNBC analyst was shown carrying a rifle but the magazine was not seated properly and his magazine pouches were all empty.

If you watched the videos it is pretty clear that Nance is a spox and was radicalized by his own propaganda.