Employees Inside Disney Blindside Woke Mob Trying To Take Over The Company With A Devastating Leak

Employees from inside Disney are trying to push back against the woke mob that has taken over the company and could lead to their demise.

A copy of leaked posts from internal employee message boards at Disney shows that many inside the company support the Florida law and would like the company to get back to its foundational principles.

The posts were leaked Human Events editor Jack Posobiec and they show a divide between day-to-day employees and their corporate overlords.

One cast member wrote, “Let children be children. Most everyone is ignorant as to what the actual working of what the bill says and who it applies to. It doesn’t apply to gay or trans. [I]t applies to our education system.”

Many felt that Disney has no right to get involved in politics and should get back to fixing up their resorts and parks because they are falling into disrepair.

One employee who said they were gay also backed the law writing,”any form of sexual education shouldn’t be taught until you’re older and able to understand it. Not when you’re young and influential to the people who are teaching you.”

“And in a perfect world we wouldn’t have teachers imposing their own personal beliefs. But this world is imperfect and it does and has happened in other states.” The cast member said that kids should be taught basic skills.
“So leave the bill alone because it isn’t infringing on ANY member of the LGBT community nor is it to the heterosexual one. If you think it is then maybe the issue lies with you wanting children to be involved with sexual things before [they’re] physically and mentally ready for it.”Another cast member who is a parent said that they don’t want their “3rd grader exposed to anything other than very basic reading, writing, math, etc.” and that the “legislation in no way discriminates against the LGBTQ community” and that attempts to paint it otherwise are “misinformation.”

You can read all the posts below: