Election Deep Blue Houston Leaves Democrats Shellshocked

Democrats are shellshocked after losing an important grassroots election in the deep blue city of Houston, Texas.

CRT was back on the ballot and it lead to a massive conservative victory.

Parents sick of the COVID polices and CRT being imposed on one of the largest school districts in the country and parents made sure their voice was heard. Republicans were able to flip two seats on the very liberal Houston Independent School District Board.

From the Houston Chronicle:

Incumbents lost two of the four runoff elections for the Houston ISD board Saturday night, clearing the way for two new conservative trustees in the state’s largest public school district. The results mark the end of campaigns politicized by clashes over cultural talking points in what are traditionally viewed as nonpartisan races.

Pastor Kendall Baker beat Trustee Holly Maria Flynn Vilaseca by less than 100 votes to win the seat in District 6. In District 7, Trustee Anne Sung lost to former PTO President Bridget Wade.

Baker and Wade both garnered support from prominent Texas Republicans and spoke out in their campaigns against mask mandates and critical race theory in education.

The 2022 midterms are poised to be the “greatest year for education reform in a generation” anti-CRT activist Christopher Rufo said.

“All of the various threads on conservative education reform can now unite around the framework of critical race theory to make real change and actually get bills passed through state legislatures,” Rugo told National Review.

To date, 11 states have passed anti-CRT bills and there are up to ten other states that may pass similar legislation.

If openly conservative candidates can win elections combating CRT in Houston they can win elections in any other part of the country.

National Review