El Salvador President Whacks Joe! Shows Proof Of Biden Corruption, ‘US Taxpayers Should Know…

For the second time a president from Central America has come out and exposed the Biden administration.

El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele, who is no friend to leftists is fed up with the Biden administration and has exposed them for supporting a pro-communist uprising in the country.

US taxpayers should know that their government is using their money to fund communist movements against a democratic elected (and with a 90% approval rating) government in El Salvador. It’s not working though The people of El Salvador won’t go back to that terrible past,” Bukele wrote. 

The White House was fuming and immediately released a statement.

We condemn @nayibbukele‘s false accusations against @POTUS and other U.S. government officials, including Ambassador Manes and current Charge d’Affaires Brendan O’Brien,” wrote Ambassador Brian A. Nichols, Assistant Secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs, U.S. Department of State. “These unwarranted personal attacks attempt to distract the Salvadoran people from corruption in the Bukele administration and they damage El Salvador’s relationship with the U.S.”

Bukele then responded with screenshots of a private text message exchange between he and the US Ambassador to El Salvador demanding a man named Neto Myshondt be released from prison. Musyshondt has been arrested and charged with using goverment funds to pay off drug cartel members and drug trafficking but, the Biden administration wants him out of jail.

Bukele believes that he is being attacked by the Biden administration because he is using cryptocurrencies to help his country financially and not the US dollar. Several members of the pro-communists movement have been seen carrying anti-cryptocurrency signs as well.