Libs Reaction To Biden CNN Poll Is Priceless, ‘I Don’t Get This Biden Is Doing A…

Liberals are in denial.

According to them, skyrocketing energy prices are good, soaring rent is good, inflation is good, and food shortages are great.

Recently, CNN reporter Manu Raju commented “CNN Poll of Polls (average of six most recent national polls) March 14-29” and the results were abysmal.

The post was a random act of journalism but it fell in line with the data showing that Biden is running America into the ground.

It’s April 2022 and the mainstream media is acknowledging things for the Democrats are bad.

What is hilarious is liberal’s reactions, they are incomplete denial. As you know CNN is the voice of the Biden administration but that didn’t stop whacko liberals from claiming they Fox News because they dare post that Biden’s approval numbers are in the tank.

Liberals are living in a fantasy world…

Another response shows that liberals don’t really care the country is falling apart and are fixated on Donald Trump. We used to joke about it but Trump derangement syndrome is a real thing and some on the left really need to move on.

Below is a comment that is a summary of a common Democrat Party talking point. It’s not the economy that’s bad it’s “you/the American” who doesn’t understand how good things are.

There are a lot more where the above comments came from, just click on the original post and you’ll get a good laugh.